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  • WHY NOW?

    The importance of a strong progressive voice in the Texas Legislature has never been greater.

    Shifting Power

    Power is moving from Washington to the states. How will Texas respond? Badly.


    When the Supreme Court kicked Medicaid expansion to the state legislatures, Don Huffines and his co-conspirators FAILED us – morally and economically – by refusing to improve healthcare and create jobs.

    Instead, we got a bathroom bill, "show me your papers", and an assault on public education.

    We must elect good, sensible leaders, now.


    We Deserve Better

    We all deserve better than the insincere, counterproductive nonsense peddled in Austin these days. We cannot afford for public policy to be driven by manufactured fears and crafted in willful ignorance.

    We need real leadership. We need a senator who understands that fiscal responsibility and progressive ideals are complementary aims, not competing alternatives; a senator with experience, passion, intelligence, and civic conviction; one who respects the law, appreciates its effects on businesses and individuals, and holds a steady hand during the unexpected crises that inevitably arise.

    Send Nathan Johnson to Austin as our next State Senator.


    attorney, small business owner, dedicated civic volunteer

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Nathan Johnson is a lawyer, husband, father, and dedicated civic volunteer. After graduating magna cum laude in Physics from the University of Arizona, Nathan returned to the state where he was born to earn his law degree at the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently the co-owner of a boutique commercial law firm, and is respected in the legal community as a tenacious advocate who gets things done – ethically and effectively. Nathan has also composed music for the classical concert stage and scores of episodes of the hit series Dragon Ball Z, among other titles.


    Nathan first learned the value and reward of service while in college, where he directed the Tucson Biathlon to benefit victims of family violence. As a professional and father, he has led and served on regional and county boards spanning the arts, education, and political discourse, chaired the Dallas County Trails and Preserve Board, coached YMCA soccer, and guest-taught music in schools. He provides pro bono legal services to Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, assists homeless families at Family Gateway (where his wife, Anne, chairs the Board of Directors), tutors with Reading Partners in a neighborhood public school, and advocates for professionalism and ethics in the Texas State Bar.

    Nathan and Anne proudly raise their three children in Dallas. With their love and support, he is running for Texas Senate District 16, to make Texas a more fair and more prosperous place for all.

  • Our Values

    Educated kids add virtue to communities and value to businesses.
    Healthy people produce more and cost less.
    Equal opportunity creates wealth. Restricting opportunity is not just wrong, it's wasteful.

    We can do this! Let's get started.

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